Highest quality. Best standard. Strict criteria

If you want to be admitted to Leading Hernia Centers, you have to be prepared for strict examinations. This is the only way to guarantee that only proven specialists actually become members of this exclusive expert portal!

The result for the participating hernia centers is significant: Those who have completed the certification and thus, as a member of the Leading Hernia Centers, benefit from the high visibility among potential patients, automatically achieve a better reach and receive professional online marketing measures.

The certification as a Leading Hernia Center is carried out by the specialist hernia surgery societies and reviewed by the scientific advisory board. The criteria that a hernia center must meet for certification as a Leading Hernia Center include, among others:

  • The hernia centre must meet all the requirements for a certified hernia centre without exception.
  • The hernia centre must perform at least 250 hernia surgeries every year. Of these, at least 50 surgeries have to be insicional hernia surgeries, five have to be surgeries of a higher degree of difficulty and another five have to be diaphragmatic hernia surgeries.
  • Every certified hernia centre must be outfitted with the most modern equipment to be able to perform all laparoscopic/endoscopic and open hernia surgery techniques.
  • In addition, the hernia centre must enter into a cooperation agreement with a plastic surgeon for certification - this is also indispensable.
  • Each hernia center must present at least two lectures or posters at national or international congresses each year - or have a publication in a peer-review journal that allows independent quality assessment.
  • The hernia centre must offer further training events and hospitations in the field of hernia surgery. These in turn must be certified with a total of eight points per year by the responsible medical association.