Leading Hernia Centers – Transparency and Quality

Anyone affected by a hernia needs the utmost certainty when choosing a doctor or clinic: an experienced specialist with a great deal of experience as a specialist is now required.

Unique throughout Europe

Especially diseased people and their families need direct and straightforward guidance: What information from the doctor is relevant? What qualifications do the team members at the hernia clinic have? And where are patients still really perceived as human beings today? If you are looking for a specialist, you need to know for sure right from the start: The hernia surgeons recommended here and the clinics listed here you can turn to with complete confidence!

Clear guidance: real transparency!

It's a good thing that the expert portal Leading Hernia Centers exists. That's exactly what it's intended to do: Patients will find only certified hernia specialists here. Because anyone who is admitted as a physician or clinic to Leading Hernia Centers belongs without a doubt to the renowned specialists who are at the highest level of training and certification of their scientific hernia surgery society! It is precisely because only very few visceral surgeons meet this high quality standard that this unique expert portal is so important: This is the only way to create deep trust between doctor and patient. This is why the transparency for which Leading Hernia Centers stands is so important.

Strict admission criteria guarantee quality

Leading Hernia Centers, in cooperation with the scientific advisory board, has developed precise, very strict admission criteria. This ensures that all listed members have verifiably achieved the required level of training and certification in hernia surgery. Leading Hernia Centers defines new standards that are unique in Europe and comprehensively audits each individual member. Patients and their relatives are guaranteed the certified and proven expertise of all recommended hernia specialists - and those deserve the trust of their patients. That's guaranteed.

Experts worldwide

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