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Whether it is an inguinal hernia, an umbilical hernia or a hernia of the abdominal wall - hernia surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in Europe today. Thus, it is no surprise that more and more hernia surgeons and centres are organised in various specialist societies.

However, this alone is no proof of quality. But how do patients and their relatives recognise that they are going to be treated by a real specialist? That they make the best possible choice? It is precisely because a hernia is almost always associated with a surgery that the best information - as well as absolute trust - is needed in advance.

Safety for patients

This security is provided by Leading Hernia Centers: Certified hernia centers have successfully participated in the hernia center certification process conducted by professional hernia surgery societies. Certification as a hernia centre can only be obtained by specialist clinics, clinical departments and established surgeons specialising in general and visceral surgery who have extensive professional experience in hernia surgery. In addition, they must disclose treatment results as part of the Herniamed quality control study - and meet a number of other criteria.

Leading Hernia Centers has developed additional strict standards in close cooperation with the highly qualified scientific advisory board. This is the only way to guarantee that patients only visit proven experts who have a particularly high level of training and certification in their specialist society.

The mission of Leading Hernia Centers is to provide patients and their relatives with clear, transparent and reliable guidance.

Audited according to international standards: Only renowned specialists

Leading Hernia Centers provides the necessary transparency: Especially since many hernia surgeons do not meet the high criteria required for admission, patients can be absolutely sure of this: You can trust every hernia center listed on Leading Hernia Centers without restriction. All doctors and centres have been thoroughly reviewed by our high-quality scientific advisory board. You can rely on these high standards, which are unique in Europe!