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He has put Hamburg on the map of first-class hernia centers: When Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr founded the Hanse Hernia Center in 2007, it was already clear that an international top address would be established here. Since then, he has been head physician at the Institute in Hamburg-Eppendorf - and has developed the Elbe metropolis into an outstanding location. Today, the Hanse Hernia Centre has five clinics at the highest level.

Prof. Niebuhr has an excellent reputation in the international scene of the best hernia specialists. Colleagues in his field appreciate him for his extensive experience as well as for his pioneering research activities. In Hamburg itself, he is regarded as one of two leading hernia specialists who assumes responsibility in various institutions and stands for the highest medical and scientific standards.

Early specialization on hernias

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr has made a name for himself in many areas. As a specialist for surgery and visceral surgery and for special visceral surgery, he focused early on his special field of hernia surgery. In this field he once again attracted attention by specialising in minimally and micro-invasive inguinal, abdominal wall and hiatal hernia surgery - not least through the development of his own technique.

Own further development: 2mm MILS technique

Using the 2 mm MILS technique, inguinal hernia surgeries can be successfully performed using the microinvasive TAPP technology with tiny instruments only two millimeters in diameter. Thanks to Prof. Niebuhr's research, hernia surgeons are now able to penetrate the abdominal wall with the smallest of punctures - with almost scarless surgeries.

Prof. Niebuhr is also a renowned specialist in another area - namely the MILOS surgery. This gentle procedure allows plastic nets to be implanted outside the abdominal cavity during minimally invasive surgeries of umbilical, abdominal wall and incisional hernias.

Whether 2 mm MILS technology or e-MILOS surgery: Many interventions in hernia surgery are performed laparoscopically at the Hanse Hernia Centre, i.e. using the so-called keyhole technique. This has many advantages: Last but not least, the wounds heal faster, the patient can often get up shortly after the surgery - and the risk of infection is much lower.

Surgical cooperation:

An important field of hernia surgery is the treatment of a significant rectus diastasis in young women. After several pregnancies there can be a strong abdominal wall slackening (3.°) with a wide divergence of the two straight abdominal muscles. Despite intensive gymnastics, in some cases there is not sufficient abdominal regression. This leads to various symptoms such as back pain and reduced abdominal compression. In these cases a combined procedure in cooperation with the plastic surgeon is indicated.

The gathering and stabilization of the inner abdominal wall layers with the aid of a plastic net is the basic principle of the intervention. The overlying abdominal skin is adapted to the now stabilized inner abdominal wall by the plastic surgeon. This procedure achieves a functionally and esthetically convincing result.

Prof. Niebuhr also stands for innovations in the field of sonography: He developed the DIUS method himself. DIUS stands for "Dynamic Inguinal Ultra Sound" - this is an innovative way to perform sonographic examinations of the abdominal wall and groin region. This improved method makes it easier and more precise to obtain examination results.

Whether as a researching practitioner or as a practicing researcher: For Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr, many areas are of great importance. For example, he holds a professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. And he is also the founder of the network groin pain in Hamburg. In this cooperation, specialists from many specialist fields exchange ideas: Neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists - and of course hernia surgeons. But Prof. Niebuhr has not only excelled in the regional field: he is also member of the German Hernia School.

For his achievements, Prof. Niebuhr was appointed to the board of the German Society for Hernia Surgery (DGH) in 2016. In addition, he has long been a member of the scientific advisory board of the nationwide HerniaMed registry.

However, the cornerstone of his national and international reputation is and remains Hamburg. There, the specialist has built up the Hanse Hernia Center at the highest level over three decades of specialist experience. With the experience of many thousands of surgeries, it is one of the most renowned hernia centers in Germany. The Hanse Hernia Center is spread over five locations in the metropolis on the Elbe.

In all locations, highly specialized teams work hand in hand in an interdisciplinary manner. Thanks to the excellent quality of treatment and the high number of cases in surgical therapy, the Hanse Hernia Center achieved certification as a reference center for hernia surgery. Only eleven centers in Germany currently hold this highest level of certification from the German Hernia Society.

This certification confirms that hernia treatment at the Hanse Hernia Center is subject to strict external quality control, that all relevant procedures are offered, that existing procedures are being developed further - and that training courses for doctors are being offered.

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