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When it comes to hernia surgeries, there is an excellent facility in the Rhineland: the Hernia Centre Cologne. This institution, known far beyond regional borders, has earned itself an international reputation for many reasons. One of these is that the percentage of recurrent hernias is particularly low in Cologne. Responsible for this rather amazing rate is above all the head of the clinic: Dr. med. Bernd Stechemesser continues his research with passion in order to provide his patients with the best possible treatment - recently even using 3D technology in laparoscopy!

Even before 2012, the Hernia Centre Cologne was already applying extremely high quality standards to the care of all possible types of hernia - from diagnosis to aftercare. Since then, however, a lot has changed at the PAN Clinic in Cologne's Zeppelinstraße. Bernd Stechemesser, one of the leading hernia specialists, took over the management of the clinic.

In addition to his enormous professional expertise, Dr. Stechemesser provided the Hernia Centre Cologne with his enormous wealth of experience - which the expert for all types of hernias has been able to expand ever since in a perfect ambience. With his outstanding expertise, he has not only been able to reduce the already low rate of recurring hernias and chronic pain to a globally respected minimum. Dr. Bernd Stechemesser has also made a name for himself with innovative surgical methods.

Laparoscopy in perfection - three-dimensional

The so-called keyhole technique for hernia surgeries, in which Dr. Stechemesser is internationally regarded as a pioneer, deserves particular mention. In this minimally invasive form of surgery, an equally tiny laparoscope is usually brought to the operating field through a small incision in the abdominal wall. At the end of this special endoscope is a camera - or even a surgical tool.

The Hernia Center Cologne under the direction of Dr. med. Bernd Stechemesser also lived up to its pioneering role in this area: In Cologne, surgery is performed using the most modern technology available - 3D technology. In addition, this technique is not only used occasionally in special cases. No - 3-D laparoscopy and thus the most modern form of hernia surgery is now part of the daily routine at Cologne's Neumarkt.

3D technology as a daily routine

For an experienced surgeon like Dr. Stechemesser, one thing is clear: if he uses the latest 3D technology with outstanding Full HD visualization, he has optimum hand-eye coordination and is perfectly supported in his highly concentrated work. This makes processes that are still far away in other clinics an absolute piece of cake. No wonder - after all, Dr. Stechemesser and his team perform around a thousand surgeries every year.

Apart from minimally invasive endoscopy and laparoscopy, the Hernia Centre Cologne also offers a wide range of surgical options. The head of the Center, Dr. Stechemesser, who also enjoys an excellent reputation as a bariatric surgeon, always focuses on the patient - only then will the ideal technique be chosen. Of course, this also includes open surgeries - or the use of the Milos technique.

Individual hernia surgery: always using the right technique

This surgical technique, which is also new, involves attaching a supporting plastic mesh to the abdominal wall - and not in the abdominal cavity, as was previously the case. This considerably reduces possible complications because the net and intestinal slings can no longer come into contact with each other. This is also proof of the innovative attitude of the Hernia Center Cologne and its Head: Whenever something can be optimized for the benefit of patients, the renowned clinic in Cologne is always one of the pioneers. No matter, whether it is an inguinal hernia, an umbilical hernia, a hernia of the abdominal wall or an incisional hernia.

This attitude meanwhile has spread far beyond Cologne and the Rhineland. More and more patients from German-speaking countries are turning to the Hernia Centre Cologne with confidence - and patients from further away are also coming to Cologne.

Further training - and ideal networking

The high quality in diagnostics, treatment and aftercare is well documented and is proven by constant quality controls. Consequently, the Hernia Center Cologne also bears the seal of the German Hernia Society: "Quality Assured Hernia Surgery". In order to maintain this status and to expand the exceptional position of the clinic, Dr. Bernd Stechemesser participates in numerous studies relating to hernia surgery.

Many publications and lectures also contribute to the extraordinary reputation of the specialist. Dr. Stechemesser is the founder and scientific director of the "Berlin Hernia Days", which will take place for the 17th time in 2021.

Dr. Stechemesser also secures his advance in knowledge through optimal networking. He is not only a member of the Berlin Surgical Society and the Professional Association of German Surgeons, but also of several special hernia associations. These include the German Hernia Society and the European Hernia Society.

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